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Water Removal Service in Mesa, AZ

Schedule a free on-site estimate for our skilled water removal service in Mesa, AZ. Using the latest technology and training, we have become the most trusted water removal contractor for area homeowners. Our goal is effective, courteous service that brings your home back to a pre-flood condition while leaving you 100% satisfied. With more than eight years as water removal company, our track record speaks for itself, giving Copper State Home Builders a well-earned reputation for excellence.

Flooded Neighborhood in Mesa, Phoenix, and Valley Wide

Water Removal Services on Your Schedule

There's no time for delay when it comes to water removal services, as even an extra hour enables standing water to do significant damage. Our timely team is standing ready to isolate the flooded area and proceed with skilled water removal. Contractor support is essential throughout this complex process, and water damage mitigation is no job for amateurs. Not only does it take a full team with specialized tools to guarantee effective results, there are also significant safety concerns.

For this reason, the most important consideration when choosing a water removal company is whether they have the equipment and training to maintain the safety of themselves and your family. As well as clearing out the water, the structure itself must be maintained against further damage. Our prompt service is able to clear away the water so that we are able to begin the salvage part of the process. Finally, we restore your home to like-new condition.

Experienced Water Removal Company for Any Issue

Whether from a catastrophic flood or a burst pipe, standing water becomes more and more contaminated if left alone. The industry has developed a three-stage system of classifying water hazards, ranging from CAT-1 to CAT-3. CAT-1 water is safe for human contact, but we advise homeowners to avoid it in any case. This is because there could be broken glass, sharp objects, and pitfalls hidden beneath the surface. Without the appropriate equipment, these are able to cause injury to the unwary wader.

CAT-2 and CAT-3 levels of contamination represent a much more significant hazard. Water left alone will develop further contamination as the surrounding building materials leech toxins. Also, water is a haven for molds and bacteria, presenting an inhalation and contact hazard. Of course, a sewage break mixed in with the water has the potential to cause extreme illness and even death. Talk to our team today about clearing out these issues.

Contact our family-owned-and-operated business for water removal for even the largest disasters. Schedule a free estimate today! We offer a 10% military and senior citizen discount. Copper State Home Builders proudly serves Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and the surrounding area in Arizona.