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Repairing your home following a fire or flood can be quite challenging. Thankfully at Copper State Home Builders, we are here to help. As an experienced water damage contractor in Mesa, AZ, we have the skills and equipment needed to effectively deal with fire and water damage in your home. For example, following a flood, we will work to thoroughly dry out your surfaces and replace any flooring or walls that are damaged beyond repair.

Additionally, our team is also skilled with mold remediation and can also remove hazardous asbestos that may be in your home insulation. Contact us when you need a water damage contractor, and let our team fix up your property following a fire or flood.

Top Quality Results

When handling your home remediation project, our team will work to ensure that your property is restored to a safe and livable condition. We consistently strive to provide top-quality results and want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the repair and restoration work that we provide. So, when you need repair solutions for your property following fire or water damage, trust our team to provide the service you need to get back to your normal routine.

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