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Soot Removal in Mesa, AZ

After a devastating fire, it is essential to start the restoration as soon as possible. Fire causes extensive smoke and soot, which infiltrates the building materials. Once inside, soot presents two problems: it is a cosmetic eyesore as well as a health and respiratory hazard. Avoid both of these issues with our thorough mitigation and soot removal in Mesa, AZ. Area homeowners count on our more than 10 years of industry experience, including eight years as a soot removal company, to provide steady service with guaranteed results. Schedule a free on-site estimate today and get started on the road to recovery.

Even the smallest fire has the potential to produce significant damage to your property, setting a home up for expensive issues down the road without mitigation. Our soot removal company is standing ready to help you avoid these problems, ensuring the soot is removed and dealt with appropriately. As a full-service soot removal team, we take your structure from initial inspection to like-new condition, ensuring that both the visible surface soot is removed but also that hidden damage to the materials is resolved.

Smoke Damage in Mesa, Phoenix, and Valley Wide

Our Professional Soot Removal Gets the Job Done Right

Only the most professional soot removal service is able to perform a full restoration, implementing a plan of action towards success. As one of the most organized teams in the area, we are ready to provide excellent service. Unfortunately, the memory of a devastating fire often lingers for years, but we do our best to clear away any reminders of the incident. Along with the visual staining and damage, our service clears away the odor and other issues.

These cosmetic issues go hand in hand with health hazards. Effective mitigation must also include a thorough cleaning of the air in the room. A fire produces a host of smoke particles, soot, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from burnt organic material, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Along with the respiratory and contact hazards, some of these materials are also identified cancer-causing agents.

Soot Removal Company for Salvage & Restoration

Salvage is key to a full restoration, and this process starts with a full board up of the home to avoid damage while we make a plan. Our thorough inspection is able to determine the scope of the damage and the degree to which the materials are able to be salvaged. As a local Arizona restoration company, we have an extensive network of restoration specialists that can even restore soot-encrusted papers and books. This makes it possible to recover as many of your valuables as possible.

Contact our family-owned-and-operated company today for safe, effective soot damage removal and mitigation. Schedule a free estimate today! We offer a 10% military and senior citizen discount. Copper State Home Builders proudly serves Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and the surrounding area in Arizona.