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Flood Damage Repair in Mesa, AZ

A flash flood or basement inundation calls for the most professional flood damage repair in Mesa, AZ, and Copper State Home Builders has the team, tools, and training to get on the job fast. There's no time to waste in a flood situation, and our flood damage repair contractor is ready at your convenience for skilled work on your schedule. With timely response and effective, guaranteed service, it is small wonder that homeowners throughout the area consider us the most trusted flood damage repair company for any size job. Talk to us today to schedule a free estimate and get your home the skilled repairs it deserves.

The Importance of Professional Flood Damage Repair

A flood catastrophe presents a severe threat to any home, bringing the potential for damage to the foundation, walls, and other structural elements. As well, any moisture quickly becomes a breeding ground for mold and other organisms, posing a health hazard long after the water has been cleared away. Standing water can even play host to mosquitoes and other insects, bringing more problems to go along with the water damage.

For this reason, getting timely service is essential, and a fast response time is often able to save you hundreds, even thousands, on your final repair bill. Even clear, fresh water flooding has the potential to degrade over time as toxins from the surrounding building materials leech into the water. As well, sewage and other contaminants mix together with the water to form a toxic soup that presents a significant health hazard.

Flooded Basement in Mesa, Phoenix, and Valley Wide

Licensed & Insured Flood Damage Repair Company

Fortunately, we have the skills and training to provide effective relief for even the most severe flood damage. Repair begins with a thorough assessment of the water's condition, classified from CAT-1 to CAT-3 on the industry-approved scale. We have the advanced equipment and approved techniques to clear it out all types of contamination safely and effectively. Plus, we have all relevant licensing and the required level of liability coverage to handle any size job.

Flood Damage Repair Contractor for Salvage Expertise

One of the benefits of our more than 10 years of experience is in the area of salvage. We advise homeowners to not attempt to retrieve any items after a flood, as there could be broken glass or other hazards hidden beneath the water. The professionals at our family-owned-and-operated company use the appropriate safety equipment to retrieve all items and categorize them by damage. It is often possible to restore papers, photographs, and valuables, reducing the economic and emotional cost of the flooding.

Contact us for skilled flood damage repair and mitigation. Schedule a free estimate today! We offer a 10% military and senior citizen discount. Copper State Home Builders proudly serves Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and the surrounding area in Arizona.