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Mold Remediation in Mesa, AZ

Flood water or leaking pipes put your home at significant risk of toxic mold or black mold. Remediation is essential to reducing this risk, and timely service is able to clear out the moisture and water before mold infiltrates the affected materials. However, if storm water has been neglected for a significant time, our mold remediation in Mesa, AZ, is fully equipped to clear the home for safe occupancy. Schedule a free on-site appointment today to talk about the best mold remediation services for you.

Mold Remediation Company for Visible & Hidden Mold

There's no time to waste when it comes to mold, and this pernicious issue often lurks beneath the surface of materials. For this reason, visible mold is only the tip of an iceberg and simply wiping it away is insufficient to prevent the spread of mold throughout your home's structure. One of the most dangerous places for mold to grow is in your ventilation system, as this releases the mold spores into the air when the air conditioning and heating system is used.

Only systematic mold remediation services are able to clear out this issue. Starting with a full containment of the affected area, we put our advanced tools and proven techniques to work. With the latest HEPA vacuum technology, we thoroughly clean the furniture, walls, drywall, and clear out the crawl spaces and ventilation system. After several rounds of cleaning, we schedule a post-remediation inspection to ensure complete success.

Mold on the Walls in Mesa, Phoenix, and Valley Wide

Thorough Mold Remediation Services

For more than eight years, Copper State Construction has been the trusted area mold remediation company for any level of mold infestation. The water that mold thrives in comes from a wide variety of sources, from leaking pipes to sudden floods. In any of these cases, a wide variety of mold has the potential to quickly propagate, hidden out of sight until it becomes a serious problem. For this reason, any water damage requires a thorough mold inspection to clear the area.

The reason these inspections are so important is because of the significant health issues that unmitigated mold is able to cause. Black mold or toxic mold remediation is essential to prevent a wide variety of respiratory issues, both in healthy adults and children and especially in the case of patients suffering from asthma. The symptoms of mold exposure include upper respiratory tract issues such as coughing, wheezing, and other problems. While these may seem to be "hay fever" issues, they could be indications that your home is infested with mold.

Contact us today for mold testing and remediation. Schedule a free estimate today! We offer a 10% military and senior citizen discount. Copper State Home Builders proudly serves Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and the surrounding area in Arizona.